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I create. You celebrate.

We’re all collectors of experiences. My passion is to create the environment to transform your moments, into powerful memories. Every event I organize is tailored to serve the needs particular to you, your loved ones &/or your organization. I organize a wide range of events & services. Click below to learn more!

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Flip through my 3 step process

1. Fill out event request form

Share the details of the event you'd like to carry out & anything relevant for me to customize your events proposal. Depending on the type and size of the event, I may follow up with further questions prior to completing your proposal.

2. Receive your free event proposal

Receive your tailored event proposal that will lay out a clear & concise picture of the timeline, logistics & budget to organize and deliver your event. From here, it’s up to you whether we get the ball rolling!

3. Ready? Set?


Once you approve the proposal & pay your deposit, I start working the logistics, in's and out's of planning & carrying out your event, while holding regular check in's with you & providing all the support you need along the way.

I am available in the U.S. & Europe

I offer my events services primarily out of Puerto Rico. I am available on-demand for New York. I deliver events in my European locations- namely Berlin, Hamburg & Corsica, throughout July, August & September.

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Some of my Partners

My partners vary in line with the different locations I serve. From Puerto Rico's warm and welcoming tropical atmosphere, to modern and chic in Brooklyn New York, to tasteful (both in visual and flavor) Corsica, to Berlin's startup scene, I work alongside trusted F&B providers, creatives and locations to host your experiences.

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